About Us

Incorporated with the view of growing organically as well as inorganically we operate in all the states effectively. Our manufacturing and in house abilities motivate and impose the possibility of improvement with every passing day and scale up in the future. We are now checking in India with the diversified benefits of antioxidants through our Aldhebaran antioxidant tea. Aldhebaran is known for its fine quality ensuring standardized food and beverage. We strive for continuous commitment in providing the best kind of handpicked tea leaves with the personalized assistance of tea farmers.



Here in Aldhebaran, we harness the nature’s essence, transforms it into the essence of freshness and deliver it into the cups of our customers to make their supper a time to recollect.


The vast majority of tea produced is ensured on the basis of quality by our professional management team, skilled tea professionals to carry the production control effectively and self regulatory internal controlling system for testing of the finished product.


Aldhebaran with its antioxidant tea is serving the country with the multiple health benefits disguised in it. Reduces the effects of free radicals and prevents from cancer, alziemer’s type 2 diabetes, reducing risk of obesity, etc.


Our well experienced team consist of the researchers who applies their theories in creating team base, quality excellence as well as sales

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to make each and every cup be filled with our tea and to establish a long lasting relationship with our customers by providing them the best essence of beverage through Aldhebaran’s tea. As being a leading food and beverage company, we soon will reach the heights of monopoly in the field of tea manufacturing through customer’s satisfaction and quality product.


To effectively introduce India with the benefits of antioxidants by providing the high quality tea enriched in antioxidants and make our contribution in the health upliftment of the country as well as to grow and establish ourself as the leading tea manufacturers.


It can be served as per individual’s taste and preference i.e. with or without milk & sugar.
A pure tea with no additional elements such as cardamom, spices or cloves etc.
Antioxidant tea endeavors an everlasting taste.
Bringing awesome color and taste to the tea


A signature beverage of Aldhebearan Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
High quality Assam tea leaves with immense flavor.
Antioxidant rich tea.
A natural product with no food additives.


I want to thank you for letting me encounter with the immense taste of your tea and experience freshness just after the first sip. A refreshing and tasteful experience.

Your tea is the best tea I have ever tasted in my life, I mean what else do you want in a tea except taste; well it has additional health benefits too.

Aldhebaran tea is enriched in antioxidants which has much of the diverse benefits for us, loved it.